Fighting Rust. Together.

One Vehicle at a Time.

Rust should not be allowed to kill your vehicle and money.

Undercoat it today to stop this silent cancer 

so your vehicle lasts longer and looks nicer!

Oil Undercoating Pricing 



This includes the different sizes of cars. 

Medium Vehicles


This includes mini vans, small pickups, and compact SUV's.



This includes full sized pickups SUV's and vans up to 10,000 GVW. 

Large Vehicles


We have partnered with Pro Fleet Care to undercoat vehicles above 10,000 GVW. Call them at

AAA estimates that USA drivers pay an estimated $3 billion annually in rust repairs caused by deicing methods. 

Steps to Oil Undercoat your Vehicle

  • Spray undercoating oil under the vehicle endeavoring to coat all metal surfaces 
  • Spray undercoating oil in the holes that are in the frame and panels under the vehicle to slow the rust on the inside 
  • Spray problem areas in the gas lid, hood, and around the engine area 
  • Drill 1/2" holes in the rocker panels and door panels and spray undercoating oil in to help protect those problem areas
  • Look for any other problem areas and spray undercoating oil on those areas as we can
  • Put plastic plugs in the holes that we drilled to keep the water out  
  • Wipe down any excess oil that might have dripped on the outside of the car 

Questions about undercoating your vehicle

Do I need to do anything to prepare for undercoating? 

How often should I get my vehicle oil undercoated? 

When is the best time of year to undercoat my vehicle?

Will it drip on my driveway or garage floor? 

How does this compare to rubber undercoating?

When is the worst time for salt damage on vehicles? 

Do you provide a warranty? 

Will oil undercoating stop my vehicle from rusting? 

Should I remove the road salt before getting it oil undercoated? 

I don't need to oil undercoat my aluminum Ford pickup do I? 

What is your oil like? 

Should I use car washes that spray the bottom of the vehicle? 

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